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VAI's Policy (Rev. 01/04)
New Assignment Guidelines on a Prior Report with Name Change (Rev. 3/07)

Revised FNMA Form Information
Fannie Mae Forms VAI (Rev. 10/05)

Real Estate Contracts
Samples (Rev. 05/05)

Denver MLS
      MLS Area Map
      MLS Cheat Sheet
   Residential Input Sheets
      RES - Residential
      INC - Income
      RENT - Rental
      COND - Condo
      LND - Land
   Commercial Input Sheets
      BUS - Business Opportunity
      MHM - Mobile Home Park, Hotel/Motel
      OFF - Office
      IND - Industrial
      RET - Retail

File Organization
Right Side Organization (Rev. 08/11)

Miscellaneous Info
Condominiums (Source: Land Title Guarantee Company)
Vacant Land: A Nightmare for an Appraiser (Source: Valuation Insights & Perspectives - 2nd Qtr. 2005)

Client Fee Increases, Cancellation Fees, and Upgrade Fees
VAI's Guidelines (Rev. 11/05)

Standard Comments
Comments (Rev. 1/13)

Privacy Notice
Homeowner Privacy Notice (Rev. 7/01)

Review Forms
Appraisal Review Checklist (Rev. 11/07)
Commercial and Residential Review Guidelines (Rev. 03/06)

Colorado Appraisal Board
Preparation of an Appraisal (Rev. 5/1/98)

Resume and License
Current Resume for JLA
Current License for JLA
All Employees

Payment Forms/Credit Card Info
Pick-up Check Receipt Forms (Rev. 9/98)
Information Needed for Credit Card Payment (Rev. 1/06)

Mortgagee Letter (2005-02) - Seller Concessions and Verification of Sales - (1/4/05)
Mortgagee Letter (2003-18) - (10/16/03)
High Voltage Transmission Lines - (8/03)
Valuation Conditions Sheet - Form HUD-92564-VC (Rev. 7/03)
Homebuyer Summary - Form HUD-92564-HS (Rev. 7/03)
Compliance Inspection Report - Form HUD-92051 (Rev. 7/87)
FHA Inspection Checklist (Rev. 08/03)

Experience Log Worksheet (Rev. 12/99)

Comp Verification Form
Comp Verification Form (Rev. 3a/05)

Income Property Analysis Spreadsheet
Income Property Analysis

Mileage Sheet
VAI Mileage Sheet

Other Misc. Info
  Arapahoe County
     Tap Fees (Rev. 8/03)

Office Equipment Procedures
How to use the Stapler on the Konica 7155 (Rev. 05/05)

PowerPoint Presentations from 2/11/03 Staff Meeting
2003 USPAP Changes
Revised Word Templates

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Comp Search Form
Comp Search Form (Rev. 1/14)*

Stopgap Form
StopGap Form (Rev. 1/14)*

Update When Referencing an Original Appraisal Form
Update Form (Rev. 1/14)*

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Letterhead - .docx (Rev. 6/19)

Letterhead - .doc (Rev. 6/19)

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